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With our uncompromising attitude towards authenticity, you can be sure that the weapons we provide for your story are accurate down to the last detail. We rent out firearms and weapons such as knives, throwing stars, tasers, and other prohibited objects.
In our state-of-the-art workshop, we can make all the objects you need out of almost any material – various metals, hard rubber, foam, or other special plastics. This is particularly true of so-called action props – special requisites for action scenes that must for example be extra soft, breakable, or especially light yet still have to be stable. Our extensive stunt experience bridges the gap that normally exists between the stunt/fight choreographer’s demands and the special effects workshop.
Thanks to our special approach to content, we can detect technical inconsistencies in the script at an early stage and take care of every aspect of your project from A-Z.
We give your actors precise, role-specific coaching in handling their weapons and draw on our background in stunts and acting to develop individual movement profiles with your actors.
We have all the weapons and explosives licenses required by law.

  • Firearms
  • Movie weapons
  • Stunt / action props
  • Deactivated weapons
  • Slashing and thrusting weapons
  • Actor coaching