Your story needs special forces? From police units such as GSG 9, BFE+, SEK, FBI HRT and standard SWAT teams to special military units such as DEVGRU, the Navy Seals, Delta Force, KSK and combat swimmers: Unlike other providers, who usually only offer a slightly modified version of the German SEK uniform irrespective of the situation, we supply authentic kit for whichever force you need.

Our team of service members regularly practices all kinds of tactical situations. As in all our other activities, we insist on maximum authenticity when it comes to kit, weapons and even the smallest movement. Only absolutely genuine kit is allowed for close-ups, whether thermal imaging attachments or the very latest night vision devices.


We provide comprehensive advice and support on everything relating to the use of special forces, whether law enforcement or military, and on reconnaissance, infil/exfil tactics, and methods of entry, both deliberate and dynamic.


All the tactical operators we provide are in regular training and/or in active service. This means we can guarantee an absolutely authentic result, a complete contrast to when extras with little knowledge are used.


We prepare your actors for their roles, down to the last detail. We don’t have a standard “boot camp”; instead, we develop movement profiles sensitively attuned to the background of the respective role, explore tactical strengths and weaknesses and make personal modifications to the tactical costume and kit.