Action Director

In the near future the society of a megalopolis is divided into two fractions:  on one side a super-rich minority, led by the ruthless dictator Gideon  (Werner Daehn), living a life of debauchery and decadence. On the other side the vast majority, dwelling in different degrees of nearly unbearable poverty.
When the young Frederick (Nikolai Kinski) comes in possession of the partial copy of a long forbidden Stanley Kubrick movie, it sparks a growing movement amongst the city’s formerly aimless youths, developing fast into serious opposition to the ruling system, which retaliates with rapidly increasing brutality. Frederick becomes Alex, his friends the new droogs. But are they even aware of the consequences of their actions?

Director:        Florian Frerichs
Cast:              Nikolai Kinski, Werner Daehn, Martin Goeres
DoP:               Jalaludin Trautmann
Producers:     Florian Frerichs, Martin Goeres, Erkan Acar, Agron Krasniqi
Studio:           Warnuts Entertainment

Martin Goeres has worked on this show as:
Action director
Stunt coordinator
SFX supervisor
and Actor


AwardBestTrailer-Horror Hotel
AwardBestTrailer-Housecore Horror

ALEX Teaser